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Old shots  
A.Badalbeyli as a conductor  
A.Badalbeyli's house
A.Badalbeyli about J.Jabbarli
Fragment from the "Leyli and Majnun" opera  
Fragment from the "Vagif" opera 
A.Badalbeyli's speech during M.Magomayev's anniversary
A.Badalbeyli about his compositions 
Shots from the Solemn anniversary evening 
Musical festival of foreign students 
Fragment from the "Maiden's Tower"  ballet
Fragments from the "Maiden's Tower" film (1954) 
A.Badalbeyli's house 
Nizami's Aria (in execution of Bulbul)
Theatrical music 
The "Free bird" song  
Fragment from the "Maiden's Tower" film 
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